All of my designs are original and one-of-a-kind. Although I
have a B.A. Degree in the Arts, I am a self- taught doll
maker.  I have no formal way of beginning my process.  I just
start playing with textured fabrics, paint and digging through
my many boxes of treasures.  From there I start cutting and
feverishly mixing and matching. Following my bliss, I create all
the little monsters and characters of my imagination. Every
once and a while, I will create a little sketch or paper pattern
just to keep me in line.  People often ask: "What inspires
you?" The answer is simple: Everything! I am inspired by my
children, all the places I've explored and the people I have
met.  My passion for detail is intense. My need for laughter
and humor is a must!  Whether I am people-watching in the
city, antiquing, or jumping around a junkyard, my creative
pulse is constantly beating.  If my creations make you laugh or
smile, I've done my work.  I hope they warm your soul and
tickle your heart.
Lurena Sheary-Williamson
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