Get to know me

Lurena Sheary Williamson

I am a self taught doll maker with a passion for textiles and textures. A lover of vintage, crusty old things with soul, and a penchant for whimsy. Fall and the Halloween season have always been my favorite time of year. I have such fond childhood memories of costumes, parades, pumpkins and spooks. The veil is thinnest.... a time to commune and create I suppose. My creative process is somewhat intuitive -I have no formal way of beginning my creations. I just start feverishly mixing and matching textures, fabrics, colors, old buttons, and digging through my many hoards of treasure. An idea or character is birthed in this process and I begin to follow that creative pull or voice. The characters and creepy-cute monsters manifest themselves. I am just a conduit.

My passion for detail is intense. A true lover of time worn materials, repurposed goods, and I enjoy celebrating the energy things carry - always gravitating towards Folk Art, Outsider Art and Antiques. I am a collector and a sensitive creative soul. I'm a mother and artist that loves to surround myself with things that spark joy. I work in my home based studio called Tattered Moon in the mountains of North Carolina.